Short Stories to Improve Creative Writing Skills

One of the key skills required for taking your writing to the next level is creativity. This is a known element of writing that is crucial to success and many people think creativity is a god given talent but rather they are largely mistaken.

Creative thinking is something that every person already has and it’s simply a matter of those who use it more often are better at it than those who hardly use it. That’s why you see many professional novel writers were avid readers as children. Reading is a great way to enhance your creativity, those who read a lot are naturally ‘gifted’ in writing skills.

But other than reading there is another great way to build and work on your creativity – short stories. No you probably won’t be writing novels anytime soon but hey why does that stop you from writing short stories. Short stories are a great way to get a simple message or moral across using creative and clever ways to tell a story quickly.

Unlike novels, these won’t take much of your time but they’re a great exercise to push your creative mind to think out of the box and develop something thats short, sweet and to the point. Once you get good at it, you can even get your short stories published by Inshort Publishing. If approved, they’ll list your short story on the market and any sales that comes through will go in your pocket!