What is speed dating and why is it becoming so popular

Speed dating is an emerging trend. It proves to be the perfect option for people looking for dates but may be pressed for time and is not open to the idea of going on blind dates.


The speed dating concept

Speed dating is basically an organized method where people can meet potential romantic partners. The participants get an opportunity to evaluate prospective partners during a series of one to one meetings or a single organized event. It is commonly described as “musical chairs with people as prizes”.

This concept was developed by a Rabbi by the name of Yaacov Deyo. The underlying idea of the concept was to provide an opportunity to Jewish singles residing in large cities in which they often form a minority to meet prospective partners. Some might meet their partner at a birthday party venue or even a concert but those occurrences are super rare.

The concept is widely becoming popular as it seems less intimidating and is safer than meeting strangers at various public places. It provides a fun opportunity to meet eligible strangers looking to date. The concept is also good for those looking to enlarge their social circle and meet new people. Dating is basically a game of numbers. In this regard speed dating proves to be perfect as candidates can meet a good number of prospective dates at a single event. Most companies fix the meeting numbers ranging from 8 to 25. The events are customised to ensure that they accommodate people belonging to similar age groups. Many speed dating events are also designed to cater to specific niches based on sexual orientations, ethnicity, age groups and religious affiliations. In cities like Melbourne, Speed dating events are becoming hugely popular! WeClick speed dating is one such popular company.

Speed dating hence acts as a time saver and allows people to find compatible dates quickly.

How it works?

For speed dating, a good venue is chosen and a selected number of candidates are invited to attend the event. The number of males and females is kept equal. All candidates are introduced and encounters with others may last between 3 to 8 minutes post which the candidates disperse and state their preference of a particular date by ticking a box on the cards provided to them. In the event of their interest being reciprocated by the other candidate, they may be contacted by the company for further interactions. In this way, candidates can open up their prospects of finding good dates.

The speed dating concept has become extremely popular in the recent years. The main reasons for its increasing popularity are:

  • It is a safe concept and decreases the chances of candidates falling prey to traps and frauds.
  • Singles can meet a number of other interested people at a single event.
  • The concept is beneficial for people who may have a confined and limited social circle comprising of singles.
  • Candidates are saved from the embarrassment of facing direct rejection.
  • The gender playing field is leveled as both men and women are provided an opportunity to interact.
  • The time limits set save candidates from having to spend too much time with people they may not be interested in.
  • The concept allows people to meet candidates of the same age as theirs.
  • Women are saved from having to deal with cheesy pickup lines.
  • There is no compulsion on candidates to show off their talent in order to impress the prospective dates.

Speed dating is an emerging concept that has caught the fancy of many people looking for dates. It provides many advantages and is hence becoming popular.